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Back Pain

Back Pain is the second most common reason people will see their Doctors. As many as 4/5 people will have at least 1 episode of back pain in their life and the rate of re-occurrence of back problems is as high as 80%. At Northern Chiropractic and Physiotherapy we take an interdisciplinary, evidence based approach to managing your back pain. We use a collaborative care model where both your treating practitioner and other experts at our clinic work together to both relieve your back pain and prevent re-occurence. We will conduct a thorough initial assessment to determine the cause of your back pain, and develop the best evidence-based treatment plan based on the individual.

Some common issues we treat are:

  • Discogenic low back pain
  • “Pinched” nerves
  • Mechanical back pain
  • Joint fixations or hyomobility
  • Joint instability such as spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Muscle strains
  • Nerve root entraptments
  • And many many more

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